William Parker - acoustic bass,
dousn’gouni and double flute

Cathedral Wisdom Light  48:11 Listen mp3
For Don Cherry  5:48
For Ella Parker  3:50
Somewhere There is a place for informal music. This may suggest the music isn’t serious but that’s not what I mean at all.For example,  William Parker made this music for forty rapt listeners on a hot July night in Toronto.   It’s a music where the form unfolded in the playing, literally a new music. His signature synaesthetic philosophy invites colour-drenched metaphors:  Prismic refraction,  gardens blooming, a harvest feast being prepared.  This music is playful, as seriously playful as your life. 

Likewise, the musicWitness®, Jeff Schlanger, the playful co-conspirator in this sightsound music, swirled a serious dance of paint, making the sounds tangible in colour.   As a place for informal music,  Somewhere There invited its forty guests to get inside the mysterious space where these men played. The experience was so enveloping for me that I could see the sounds  William played, first in a billowing cloud and then shooting out like light-tendrils that circled my head. As this magic unfolded, though I was sitting in the back with only a wall behind me, I swear that from over my shoulder I could hear children laughing.  Seriously.

—Scott Thomson, July 2009

Produced by Jean Martin and Scott Thomson
Recorded by Jean Martin on July 26, 2008 @ Somewhere There, Toronto
Mixed and Mastered by J. Martin at The Farm
Cathedral Wisdom Light original art 30” x 45” © by Jeff Schlanger
painted during live recording / www.musicwitness.com
All Compositions by William Parker

Art by: Jeff Schlanger
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