Nick Fraser W/ Tony Malaby 
Town and Villages
Evan Parker  w/ Joe Sorbara and Wes Neal
at Somewhere there
Montreal bassist, Nic Caloia releases new cd with band TILTING

The group is celebrating the release of Holy Seven with a performance on Wednesday, 28th of May at Café Résonance, 5175 Ave du Parc, Montreal PQ. (See for Details) The group features Nicolas Caloia  bass, Jean Derome  baritone saxophone and bass flute, Isaiah Ceccarelli  drums and Guillaume Dostaler  piano.

Drumheller releases a fourth record.

Nick Fraser releases yet another great record, this eclectic mix of Barnyard Jazz features, "An all-star team of Toronto new-generation improvisors - sophisticated new music with a sense of wobbly fun, big-band-through-the-looking-glass (yet in a different, far less nostalgic way than Carla Bley or, say, Willem Breuker) ...a toronto improv supergroup." Carl Wilson,

TILTING - Isaiah Ceccarelli / drums  Guillaume Dostaler / piano  Nic Caloia / bass  Jean Derome / bariton sax and flute
Martin Lozano Lewis Wiens Duncan
at Canterbury
The Element Choir and William Parker
at Christ Church Deer Park 
Holy Seven
Ryan Driver Quintet release of Stephen Parkinson Music on Dbl 180g Vinyl and CD.

The Ryan Driver Quintet Plays The Stephen Parkinson Songbook is the first official release by The Ryan Driver Quintet, a peculiar lounge-jazz group that has been performing monthly in Toronto since the turn of the millenium.  Psychedelic improvisational meanderings and intertwinings amidst rich tenderness, utter heartbreak, and doorways into other worlds. This is a Tinangel Records UK and Barnyard Records Production.

Land of Marigold
Barnyard Artists Jesse Zubot and Jean Martin gets 2014 Polaris Prize and Juno Award for work on Tanya Tagaq album Animism.

See the 2014 Polaris Performance featuring The Element Choir, Christine Duncan, Jean Martin, Jesse Zubot and Tanya Tagaq
New Land of Marigold release, Creosote Featuring Montreal Improvisors Josh Zubot and Elwood Epps.
Best of Christmas singalong Vol 11 is a 10 year anniversary of our favourite original tunes.It features artists from the label and selections from our 10 volumes of Barnyard Drama Christmas singalong records.

Produced by Jean Martinalbum features, Christine Duncan  Justin Haynes  Ryan Driver  Andrew Downing John Southworth Thom Gill  Nick Fraser  Michael Davidson  Felicity Williams Meaghan LaCroix  John Oswald  Alex Samaras  Rebecca Hennessy Jim Lewis 
Scott Thompson  Colin Fisher  Aline Homzy  Jessica Deutsch  Anna Atkinson Rich Brown  Daniela Gesundheit  Nicole Rampersaud Bram Gielen  Chris Willes Kyle Brenders  Evan Shaw  DB Boyko