1. Year of the Boar (Justin Haynes) 5:44 MP3
2. Fields (Kyle Brenders) 7:15
3. Rendered in Desperation (Joe Sorbara) 10:04 MP3
4. Follow Line Flow Line Follow (Kyle Brenders) 14:18
5. Cross Fading Accents (Germaine Liu) 4:28
6. Thru and Through (Kyle Brenders) 20:19 MP3
7. Is it better when I do it like this? (J. Haynes) 7:31

All compositions © 2011, SOCAN

Produced by Jean Martin & Scott Thomson

Recorded by Jean Martin & Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Company,
Toronto, Canada, 16 & 17 January, 2010
Mixed and mastered by Jean Martin at The Farm, Toronto
Administrative direction of the AIMToronto Orchestra by Scott Thomson
Art and photos (Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK) by Jean Martin

Kyle Brenders, soprano saxophone & artistic direction
Evan Shaw, alto saxophone
Christopher Willes, tenor saxophone
Ronda Rindone, clarinets
Rob Piilonen, flute
Nicole Rampersaud, trumpet
Steve Ward, trombone
Ken Aldcroft, guitar
Simeon Abbott, piano & organ
Christine Duncan, voice & theremin
Mika Posen, violin
Tilman Lewis, cello
Pete Johnston, double bass
Rob Clutton, double bass & banjo
Germaine Liu, vibraphone & percussion
Nick Fraser, drums & percussion
Joe Sorbara, drums & percussion

The Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto (AIMToronto) Orchestra was formed in 2007 to rehearse and perform the music of Anthony Braxton.  Their performance at the Guelph Jazz Festival, with Braxton playing and conducting, was broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and is documented as Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007 (Spool Records 130).  Under the artistic direction of Kyle Brenders, the Orchestra subsequently developed repertoire by its members during monthly workshops at the Leftover Daylight Series, Toronto.Year of the Boar is the Orchestra’s first studio recording.
MONSIUER DELIRE by Francois Couture

Formé à l’origine à l’ccasion d’une visite d’Anthony Braxton à Toronto, l’AIMToronto Orchestra (Association of Improvising Musicians - Toronto) a poursuivi sa course et publie maintenant son premier album studio. L’orchestre compte 17 membres jouant presque exclusivement des instruments acoustiques. Au menu, sept compositions provenant de ses membres Justin Haynes, Kyle Brenders, Joe Sorbara et Germaine Liu. Les trois pièces de Brenders sont longues, méthodiques et souvent minimalistes - des explorations réussies des possibilités de l’orchestre. Les deux pièces de Haynes, plus courtes, sont tordues et facétieuses, rappelant l’écriture de René Lussier. Un disque solide, autant dans la composition que l’interprétation. Recommandé.  [Ci-dessous: “Year of the Boar”, une composition de Justin Haynes.]

Assembled for a visit of Anthony Braxton in Toronto, the Association of Improvising Musicians - Toronto’s AIMToronto Orchestra has continued to evolve and is now releasing its first studio album. The orchestra is a 17-piece of almost exclusively acoustic instruments. The album features seven compositions by some of its members: Justin Haynes, Kyle Brenders, Joe Sorbara, and Germaine Liu. Brenders’ three pieces are long, methodical and often minimal – successful experimentations with the orchestra’s possibilities. Haynes’ two tracks are shorter, more whimsical and twisted, reminiscent of René Lussier’s writing style. A strong record, both in terms of composition and interpretation. Recommended.  [Below: “Year of the Boar,” penned by Justin Haynes.
AIMToronto Orchestra: "Year of the Boar"

Year of the Boar

Nick Fraser W/ Tony Malaby 
Town and Villages
Evan Parker  w/ Joe Sorbara and Wes Neal
at Somewhere there
Juliet Palmer
The Element Choir and William Parker
at Christ Church Deer Park 
Veryan Weston
The Make Project
Land of Marigold