Produced by Jean Martin
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered 2004-2014 @ The Farm, 163 Sterling Road, Toronto, Canada
Artwork by Jean Martin

Jean Martin  Christine Duncan  Justin Haynes  Ryan Driver  Andrew Downing John Southworth Thom Gill  Nick Fraser  Michael Davidson  Felicity Williams Meaghan LaCroix  John Oswald  Alex Samaras  Rebecca Hennessy Jim Lewis Scott Thompson  Colin Fisher  Aline Homzy  Jessica Deutsch  Anna Atkinson Rich Brown  Daniela Gesundheit  Nicole Rampersaud Bram Gielen  Chris Willes Kyle Brenders  Evan Shaw  DB Boyko

Best of Christmas singalong Vol 11 is a 10 year anniversary of our favourite original tunes. It features artists from the label and selections from our 10 volumes of Barnyard Drama Christmas singalong records.

Barnyard Drama
xmas singalong vol 11

1. Itís Christmas (Justin Haynes) Vol 5, 2007
2. Without Your Love (Justin Haynes) Vol 4, 2006
3. Christmas Only Comes Round Here, Once a Year (John Southworth) Vol 4, 2006
4. Frog Prince (J. Haynes) Vol 5, 2007
5. Guess What? (Andrew Downing) Vol 5, 2007 MP3
6. See As a Child (John Southworth) Vol 7, 2010
7. This is What I Want (Mary Margeret OíHara) Vol 9, 2012
8. Snowman (Ryan Driver, Jean Martin) Vol 6, 2009
9. For a Million Years (J. Haynes) Vol 6, 2009
10. Seasons Greetings (Ryan Driver) Vol 8, 2011
11. Old Bean (John Southworth) Vol 8, 2011
12. Sacred Spirit (J. Haynes) Vol 7, 2010 MP3
13. Jesus Was Born (Thom Gill) Vol 7, 2010 MP3
14. Christmasween (John Southworth) Vol 9, 2012 MP3
15. Winter Blahs (Ryan Driver) Vol 6, 2009
16. Garbage Paradise (Ryan Driver) Vol 9, 2012
17. Immaculate Conception High School Vol 9, 2012
18. Merry Christmas Deirdre O'Sullivan (J. Haynes) Vol 10, 2013 MP3
19. Child Support (J. Haynes) Vol 8, 2011
20. Where Do Kings Come From? (Ryan Driver) Vol 9, 2012
21. Have a Good One (A. Downing, string arr. A. Downing) Vol 10, 2013

Nick Fraser W/ Tony Malaby 
Town and Villages
Evan Parker  w/ Joe Sorbara and Wes Neal
at Somewhere there
Juliet Palmer
The Element Choir and William Parker
at Christ Church Deer Park 
Veryan Weston
The Make Project
Land of Marigold