Jim Lewis - trumpet
Andrew Downing - bass
Jean Martin - drums

1 Groove 3:17
2 Shine 2:20
3 Fifteen 5:13
4 On a Short Path 4:25
5 Four 8:05
6 Six 3:35
7 Seven 6:26
8 Eight 9:13
9 Thirteen 10:48
10 Fourteen 3:43 Listen mp3

Produced by Jean Martin
Recorded August 13 2008 @ Canterbury Music Company
With Jeremy Darby and Jean Martin
Except for Groove , Shine and On a Short Path
Recorded February 27, 2008 @ The Farm
Mixed and Mastered by Jean Martin
at The Farm, Toronto ON Canada
Art and Photos by J. Martin
All Tunes by Lewis, Downing and Martin SOCAN 2009

The exquisite improvising trio of Jim Lewis, trumpet; Andrew Downing,double-bass; and Jean Martin, drums and trumophone, launch On a Short Path from Memory to Forgotten.   This passionate and lyrical sequence of group improvisations introduces one of Toronto’s extraordinary creative music ensembles. The sound of an orchestra in a cosy little trio package.

MONSIUER DELIRE by Francois Couture

Un trio d’avant-jazz trompette-contrebasse-batterie. Très vif, la musique bondit au visage, elle brille, elle tourne. Pourtant ce n’est pas dansant! Tout de même, “Groove” en a justement un, et “Fourteen”, à travers ses contorsions, esquisse quelque chose d’entraînant. De l’impro soutenue et parfois mordante, livrée à petites et moyennes doses (entre 2 et 10 minutes la portion). Très bon.

An avant-jazz trumpet/bass/drums trio. Very lively, the music leaps at you, shining and turning. Yet it’s not music to dance to. Still, “Groove” has a good one (groove), and the contorsions in “Fourteen” do sketch out something that could sweep you off your feet. Consistent improvisation, occasionally showing its teeth, delivered in small-to-medium doses (2 to 10 minutes per portion). Very good.

On a Short Path From Memory to Forgotten

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