Nicole Rampersaud - trumpet
Evan Shaw - alto and baritone saxophone
Jean Martin - drums, laptop and trumaphone
Tomasz Krakowiak - percussion
Wes Neal - bass

Rampersaud Shaw Neal Martin Krakawiac
Halcyon Science130410

1. Halcyon Science 5:38 MP3
2. 0110011 11:18
3. Take Me To Your Leader 9:42
4. What is it you are looking at? 6:49
5. Dirigible 11:58 MP3
6. Six The 4:02
7. Little Bird Told Me So 8:45 MP3
Halcyon Science 130410 (Barnyard br0323), features the electroacoustic improvisation quintet of Evan Shaw (alto saxophone), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Jean Martin (drums and laptop), Wes Neal (double bass), and Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion). This studio recording is made up of intelligent and inspired compositions by Shaw and Rampersaud, and deft ensemble improvisations that draw on the lateral influence of science fiction as readily as they do that of their most obvious (but far from sole) musical forbear, jazz.

MONSIUER DELIRE by Francois Couture

Un solide concert d’improvisation libre enregistré en avril 2010 à Toronto. Très belle complicité entre la trompette de Rampersaud et le saxophone d’Evan Shaw (on pourrait aisément croire que certaines lignes ont été écrites). Le travail du percussionniste Tomasz Krakowiak demeure mystérieux - ce Polonais produit des textures très subtiles qui s’entremêlent au reste. Une musique sérieuse mais pas studieuse, exigeante mais jamais forcée.

A strong free improvisation concert recorded in April 2010 in Toronto. Very fine interplay between Rampersaud’s trumpet and Evan Shaw’s saxophone – you could easily believe some of their lines were pre-written. The work of Polish percussionist Tomasz Krakowiak remains mysterious, his very subtle textures blending in with the other sounds. Serious music, though not scholar; demanding music that never sounds forced.
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